Wait, wait, don’t tell me

Disney security entrance at Hotel
Went for a walk, intentionally headed to here.

It’s no secret my speaking fees are high-end.


My extensive and storied Disney package and ridiculously broad experience from being inside 2,000 other organizations to varying degrees of depth.

Read the next two lines slowly and let it sink in.

You are paying me for access to me, by anyone, for anything.

This is like hitting the proverbial lottery.

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Disney Keynotes and such

door sign with Living the dream
Yesterday’s walk through a neighborhood to Magic Kingdom. Prophetic.

Disney Keynotes and such:

Keynotes, half-days, full-days, multi-days, and custom configurations.

Five pillars with 19 architectural blueprints.

Signature content pillar is Disney’s world-class, time-tested Customer Service.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.

Are you indispensable?

Disney Institute Keynote Speaker
The right question is worth exponentially more than the right answer to the wrong question.


Are you indispensable?

How do you know?

What metrics are you using?

What questions are you asking?

The right questions, the best questions, are scary because their answers require a significantly more accurate answer.

And even scarier, there may not be a single definitive answer.

Take for example, “What’s the meaning of life”

While there are many great, and personally accurate, answers, the real insight is this – does the respondent believe in their answer as if their life depends on it?


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Can you sell yourself on the better of two decent choices?

bike ride point of view
My office some mornings, like yesterday, for example.


Can you sell yourself on the better of two decent choices?

Much of life, whether we like it or not, comes down to choices.

There are two kinds of choices.

  1. The ones we make for ourselves.
  2. The ones others make for us.

Every morning for the past seven-plus years i have had the choice to spend two hours writing five blog posts. i’ve said yes 2,657 consecutive days.

And yesterday morning during a business call, i discovered that i have no choice in whether or not a client picks me over another business advisor.

So now a new opportunity. How to convince the CEO that hiring a team of people has limitations that hiring a single expert doesn’t have.

i love this.




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On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


The value of yesterday

Orlando Based Disney Motivational Speaker
Yesterday from photographer Raul Colon.


The value of our yesterday is often below our conscious thought because we are generally very busy keeping up with the fast pace of life. Being busy becomes a deeply embedded habit and dramatically inhibits living consciously.

This is the main reason why i chose to continue writing five daily, differently-themed blogs after the 100-day challenge was officially completed.

Daily writing, or journaling, in solitude before the day gets busy, grounds us in a way nothing else comes close to. And now it’s been over 2,200 consecutive days.

PS. Yesterday was amazing.

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