Is it possible to live above reproach?

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(photo: Writing and posting prolifically sort of definitely makes you transparent… it also induces intense self-reflection)

Reproach: To live with shame or disgrace.

Above reproach, the opposite of living with shame or disgrace..

Is this possible?

First, to be crystal clear, it doesn’t mean living without sin.

Living above reproach means something for elders to aspire to.

As leaders.

As teachers.

And always, which seems impossible, with deep humility, gratitude, and conviction.

The only, repeat only, way to know if it’s possible is to try.

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May It Be Delightful?

Before me, may it be delightful.

Behind, may it be delightful.

Around me, may it be delightful.

Above, may it be delightful.

All, may it be delightful.   —Navajo Prayer

Can five short sentences positively impact our day today?  Can they bring us joy?  Can they, at the very least, plant a “reminder seed” that today will be full of opportunities to give and receive joy?

Today will be a day full of opportunities to give and receive joy.  Right?