1st month of retirement

Midlife Renaissance is a moment of truth inflicted with discrimination

Midlife apathy looks like this cat


(photo: Middle school classroom cat, Posha, napping in class yesterday.)

Nearly all Baby Boomers want to change but don’t want it badly enough. They are way too comfortable.

Midlife renaissance is a moment of truth. A literal once in a lifetime opportunity to climb out of our deeply ingrained, unintentional midlife rut.

Humanity is oblivious.

And we discriminate against this once-in-a-lifetime invitation to change our attitude.


Excuses. Comfort. Fear. Doubt.


Everyday people openly share their reality as they go about their day to day. They talk about feeling this, struggling with this, and wanting to overcome it.

But only one in 100 buys this book.

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1st month of retirement

The best keynote speakers are full of drive and determination

Orlando Keynote Speakers


(photo: Overachievers are everywhere. Drive and determination are key weapons in the fight against mediocrity. Photo from yesterday in the gym parking lot.)

The herd is massive and includes almost all of us.

The movement is small, scattered, and often confused.

The herd is mediocrity.

The movement is drive and determination.

To live like you mean it.

To slay excuses and regrets. For good.

We are in charge of this. Period.

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It's All We Have

Then and only then will our life change

School children graduation
Where and when do we learn that it’s ok to grant ourselves permission to take risks?


Life changes the minute we stop waiting for permission.

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What’s the biggest regret you feel comfortable sharing?

School parking lot chalk board
Regret waiting so long to start a Family. (Married 31 years with a 14-year old – do the math)


What’s the biggest regret you feel comfortable sharing? And if you are comfortable, please feel free to share why.

If there was a chance for a do-over, and knowing what you know now, what might have changed the outcome?

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No one has to do this, but imagine the consequences of either choice

Love spelled with jungle letters
Love and hate are choices we get to make. Seems obvious. This is not a casual decision.


The ripple effects of our positive actions have no known end.

Rejoice in knowing that good cannot be stopped.

And positive thoughts always trump negative thoughts.

Knowing this is not enough.

We must create ripples, not wish for them.

Well, no one has to do this, but imagine the consequences of either choice.

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