The freedom from becoming lean is exhilarating

Bill Gates young and current
The left photo is what i’m looking for…and then some. Unusual angles and moments that are real, but not a typical photographer’s mindset.

After 27 years in our home, we are remodeling both upstairs bathrooms and our bedroom. 

The purging, donating, and recycling that is inspired by emptying a room and a walk-in closet doesn’t happen often, if ever.

The freedom you feel by becoming lean is exhilarating, at least to me.

Such a metaphor for life, in attitude, health, spirit, work, and home.

Unencumbered, free, lean, wise, light, margin, wealthy, and joyful are words that instantly come to mind.

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Conform or face the consequences

Tibet Butler Nature Preserve
Conform or face the consequences.


Conform or face the consequences. You know, stay on the trails. Don’t go on this tempting path because you are not authorized.

What would happen if you authorized yourself to do anything you wanted to try? The caveat being it can’t be immoral, unsafe, or hateful.

What would happen to you?

Maybe you’d change in the way you dream of.

You’re still dreaming, right?

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A double dose of you are the CEO of You, Inc

Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker
Two deer on yesterday’s run around Walt Disney World Resort.


Today’s five Mid Life Celebration posts revolve around:

  • excuses
  • regret
  • second chances
  • opportunity
  • permission

There’s a second helping that includes being:

  • gentle
  • generous
  • direct
  • compelling hopeful

Here’s the main insight today:

Overcoming your struggles is your real objective. You are in charge. We need to be amazing at overcoming temptations to be less than we are capable of.

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