Burn the ship of fear

Buena Vista Palace at World Disney World


Construction company trailer


(photo: Last night leaving the parking lot at Buena Vista Palace in Walt Disney World. Cortes? Burn the ships? Yes!)

Everyone is afraid. Not everyone lets fear become an excuse.

A thought from Troy Tyler:

“Strat­egy is all about com­mit­ment,” says Tyler. “If what you’re doing isn’t irrev­o­ca­ble, then you don’t have a strat­egy — because any­one can do it. That’s why burn­ing the boats is so impor­tant. I’ve always wanted to treat life like I was an invad­ing army and there was no turn­ing back.”

Boldness has genius.

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PS. What are the odds that tucked at the far edge of a hotel parking lot at Walt Disney World there’d be Cortes’ trailer?

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