Experiment like you mean it

Experiment like you mean it.

Taking risks to make things better is the only way to feed your growth mindset.

There are always some elements most people don’t notice.


Unimportant details, until you see them. Once you see them, you cannot un-see them.

Specifically referring to learning too much about the people around you. Political beliefs. Anxiety levels and triggers. Hidden motivations and ambitions. etc.

This can become habitual.

A blessing and a curse.

The curse of knowledge.

We can be like most of humanity and simply not notice – ignorance is bliss.

But if we choose, we can see details just below the surface.

Less ignorance. Less bliss.

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.think .differently please

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park (GNP).

The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries, is not “Eureka!”, but, “That’s funny.”

Isaac Asimov

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What if we took a road trip?

Great observation
From LinkedIn yesterday.


In the pursuit of the unknown there’s a default solution we used to take back in college…

What if we took a road trip?

That feeling when it feels right to try a tried and true, but long abandoned strategy.

Two of my college buddies retired at 55.

That makes three of us from the group of 36.

Rick and JD would be great thought partners.

Time for a road trip?

Glacier National Park, see ya real soon.




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What’s the worst that could happen?

Twitter profile snapshot
This morning’s Twitter stats, January 18, 2015.


What’s the worst that could happen?

Willing to try new things?

Willing to do it all the time?

Willing to occasionally push the boundaries?

What if you were?

Have lost 900 Twitter followers in three days because of a radical experiment.

Am expecting to lose thousands more. Willing to take the risk. Otherwise the regret in never knowing would be haunting.

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Living in two places is an extraordinarily different experience

Clock on the wall


(photo: From last night in our Church’s PREP Class office. Who has time to read five daily blogs about balance?)

Heading to Texas on a business trip in an hour and taking our son (14). Have promised to do this on a regular basis and but it has never happened.




But not too busy or too distracted to write five daily, differently-themed blog posts about life’s big choices.

And yes, even though this is being written on September 17, am fully aware that yesterday was Christmas day (when this goes live on Dec 26).

To live in two places (now and the future) is an extraordinarily different experience than just living in one.

Another experiment the final week in 2014…

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