Experiment like you mean it

Experiment like you mean it.

Taking risks to make things better is the only way to feed your growth mindset.

There are always some elements most people don’t notice.


Unimportant details, until you see them. Once you see them, you cannot un-see them.

Specifically referring to learning too much about the people around you. Political beliefs. Anxiety levels and triggers. Hidden motivations and ambitions. etc.

This can become habitual.

A blessing and a curse.

The curse of knowledge.

We can be like most of humanity and simply not notice – ignorance is bliss.

But if we choose, we can see details just below the surface.

Less ignorance. Less bliss.

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Simplifying a complex midlife reality

jeff noel signing the book Mid Life Celebration
Wrote a book about the paradox of midlife crisis


Harvard Business Review ran an article eight years ago about how it is extraordinarily difficult for someone who has comprehensive knowledge to easily communicate it so someone else can see what they see.

It’s called the curse of knowledge.

Explained here: Tappers versus listeners.

Midlife crisis is finally arriving at the place in life we worked decades to get to, but in looking around we think to ourselves, “This isn’t what I wanted.”

There’s a book that describes the exact opposite mindset of a mind life crisis.

It’s called Mid Life Celebration.

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