Ever Wonder?

You Will Not Get A Third Chance
You Will Not Get A Third Chance

Ever wonder when the time will be right?

For what?

For the time to be right for you to do the thing you always wanted to do, but never gave it enough time and attention and now the clocking is ticking more noticeably, and you wish you would have started long ago.

Ever wonder?

By jeff noel

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  1. Yes I do wonder. I was once labeled a perfectionist. It seemed that I would make excuses for not accomplishing something if the conditions weren’t ideal. I believe I was so afraid of failure that I wouldn’t even try. That stifled growth, creativity and learning all because something wasn’t just right.

  2. We all know the answer, don’t we?

    The time is never going to be “right”.

    Well, maybe the day we win the lottery, that may be the day.

  3. Yes and, a smart person understands the odds.
    I’m no genius, but 1 in 14 million? No thanks.
    How about 1-2 out of 10?
    That’s roughly how many small business make it.
    Still a long sht, but definitely not impossible.

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