Electric Light Orchestra

There once was a thing called a ‘Record Album’. You played them on this, a ‘Record Player’…

A 1970’s Rock Band, ELO, or Electric Light Orchestra, had a song, “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head.”

Chasing childhood dreams later in life is so exciting at first, because, after all those years since we gave up (or postponed), we can refresh, renew and reclaim our passion to move forward and emerge victorious.

Except for one thing – a couple years back into it, we remember why it never materialized in the first place.

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Refresh, Renew, Reclaim

Have our days become a commodity, like these $1 DVD rentals outside a Walgreens?

Ever start something and not finish? Story of our lives, right? A year ago today, this post was started. No, seriously. Got as far as the title: Refresh, Renew, Reclaim.

Never wrote any content, just the title. A metaphor for our lives, isn’t it?

We come up with a title, a concept, a goal, and then time slowly steals it away from us so eventually, we end up right at the very place we had dreamt of leaving behind.

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