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i am a (midlife) fool, plain and simple

Finland tee shirt Suomi
Tee-shirt from 2009 Finland trip…Suomi.


i am a (midlife) fool, plain and simple.

So on April Fool’s Day 2009, i began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs as part of a self-imposed 100-day writer’s bootcamp.

On day 101, i had the guilt-free option to stop.

i didn’t.

And havn’t missed a single day.


At a loss to explain why, except maybe this, it has profoundly changed me.

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April Fools #1

Epcot Starbucks
What’s in the distance is often challenging to determine easily


April Fools Day happens once each year in America.

Yesterday’s posts were April Fool’s jokes.

Those posts were written in the spirit of the day.

No harm, no foul, right?

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MidLife Celebration Is...

April Fool’s Day was 100 days ago…

Orlando based motivational speaker


April Fool’s Day was 100 days ago.

The challenge with practical jokes is the diversity of responses to them.

Some people love them.

Some could care less either way.

Others are offended.

This goes for pretty much everything in life.

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