Midlife quirky is as midlife quirky does

Dogs dressed up like kids in baby strollers
Times Square quirky on a Saturday night.


We say crazy things to ourselves. Some we say over and over our whole life through.

Some maybe only a handful of times, ever.

What makes these different?

Is there any meaning or learning from the difference?

And who would ever care about such a thing?

Writing five daily, differently-themed blogs about life’s (5) big choices is crazy.

Crazier still is doing it for five straight years without missing a day.

And even crazier than that – the indescribable feeling things are just beginning to click.

Curious now, what’s your crazy?

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Total freak-o-nomics

photo f clever restaurant menu payment methods
bottom line message (literally), do they accept cash?


Total freak-o-nomics. MLC is like the Grateful Dead (they played and distributed music opposite every industry standard) of blogging:

  • five daily, differently-themed blogs
  • everyday, for four consecutive years
  • no “how to’s”, only (lovingly) antagonistic prodding
  • blogging in real time, but ahead (if that makes sense)

As I write this… nine days from Christmas, four days since Sandy Hook.
As you read this… five days from April Fools day 2013.

This started as a 100-day challenge to leave a trail for our young son, about Life’s (5) Big Choices, in case something bad ever happened to me…

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It Was Weird

Ever have days where weird things happen?  Of course, right?  What I’m really asking is, “What do you do with your weird events? Do you dismiss them, or look for some meaning in them?”

Couple weird things yesterday:

  1. Moved Sunday’s Guest Blogger (Lorie Sheffer) post to Lane 8
  2. Ran my first 5k as a 50-year old.

Lorie Sheffer has been a regular Guest Blogger here at Mid Life Celebration for some time. It feels weird not seeing her here today. She has a great post at the next blog.

And it was really weird to receive a plaque reading, “Male Masters Overall Winner”, at yesterday’s Run Among The Lakes 5k. Wasn’t even a goal.

Are you pushing yourself?

Feels Weird
Feels Weird