She’s always been unconventional

Disney memorabilia on office bookcase.

She’s always been unconventional.


The one’s we think of as misfits.

The crazy ones.

The outliers.

They disagree with us.

They challenge us.

They annoy us.

They don’t do things the right way.

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What does mental change sound like?

Mid Life Celebration blog
This grey header represented the grey matter of our brain (mind). i changed my mind about the look on December 7. Changed the header this morning, December 9, 2016.


Seth Godin's Titan book
This 17-pound “Titan” of a book ($170 sale price) arrived last night.


What does it sound like when you change your mind?

What is mental change?

Is it useful?

Is it worth defending?

Can it last?

Just ask Seth Godin.

Or me.

Seth’s Titan arrived last night.

The real name is:

What Does It Sound Like When You Change Your Mind?

It’s a (huge) collection of Seth’s blog posts.

Changing our mental attitude to be 100% positive and helpful sounds like…

Peace and contentment.

It also sounds like finally being certain.

i’m finally certain all 5 Mid Life Celebration blogs serve one purpose – a trail, a manifesto, a long love letter – to my son and wife.


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iNotice a lot of things

Facebook inspirational message


iNotice a lot of things.

And write about how they help or hinder us. Five daily blogs. Each one a different theme. Each one a critical component to balance.

Like the fact that we race to get started in the morning. We race to get to work. We race to do our work. Then we race home to do the evening routine.

We plan on slowing down and rearranging our priorities at some point.

We forget that we are in charge and need to create the “some point”.

Someday is not a day of the week, nor a future date on our calendar. Someday is a lie.

But we are too busy to notice.

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Total freak-o-nomics

photo f clever restaurant menu payment methods
bottom line message (literally), do they accept cash?


Total freak-o-nomics. MLC is like the Grateful Dead (they played and distributed music opposite every industry standard) of blogging:

  • five daily, differently-themed blogs
  • everyday, for four consecutive years
  • no “how to’s”, only (lovingly) antagonistic prodding
  • blogging in real time, but ahead (if that makes sense)

As I write this… nine days from Christmas, four days since Sandy Hook.
As you read this… five days from April Fools day 2013.

This started as a 100-day challenge to leave a trail for our young son, about Life’s (5) Big Choices, in case something bad ever happened to me…

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Is Zeal Wise?

Rice University, Houston, Texas. Three blocks from my hotel.

Rice University, Houston
Rice University, Houston

Why tout unconventional?

Why Tout Unconventional?
Why Tout Unconventional?

Aren’t zealots frowned upon? Yet one zealot is being thanked, gratitude carved in stone no less, for unfaltering zeal.

Isn't Zeal Too Much?
Isn't Zeal Too Much?

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