The joy of an ordinary day, October 26, 2018

Neighborhood near Magic Kingdom
She walked with her arms outstretched, while i walked to the gym somewhere near 7:30AM yesterday.


Sand Hill Crane injured
Walked a different way home from the gym, yesterday somewhere near 8:30AM.


Disney speaker jeff noel
Somewhere near 1:30PM yesterday.


Somewhere near 4pm yesterday at the grocery store check out, picking up apples, oranges, and berries.


Yesterday was remarkable in multiple seemingly insignificant ways.

First, the woman walking with arms outstretched – was she filled with joy or filled with sorrow?

The Sand Hill Crane, missing a foot, how did it happen, how long ago did it happen, and is it feeling grateful to be alive?

The Chinese physician was grateful for the opportunity to visit Magic Kingdom for 90 minutes yesterday after lunch.

On the drive home from High School, while purchasing fruit, the word regret jumped out at me.

Everything i do is designed, in large part, to eliminate regret.


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One Question A Day?

Yesterday, did what i said, and the way i said it, matter?

Florida Hospital Winter Garden construction
Florida Hospital Winter Garden construction yesterday at 6:45am on the way to the venue.


Winter Garden Theater
Just before 7am yesterday.


Winter Garden Theater
Game day gear.


Yesterday, did what i said, and the way i said it, matter?




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The Movement

Could this be an animal’s mid life celebration?

Could this be an animal’s mid life celebration? This is a remarkable look at what can happen when we break from the herd mentality and embrace our authentic self, unashamed.



Remember yesterday when we said tomorrow? Go.

PS. Still glowing from going (with the book).

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It's All We Have

Should we be grateful for our ordinary life?

jeff noel at studio recording session
Do it the same way everyday, or never do it the same way – that is the question


Our life is ordinary, but our days don’t have to be.


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To be remarkable, to be on autopilot, or both?

Go Airlines jet inflight in Hawaii
Go. Do something scary today. Go!


Wishing you the best day.

Truly, each day is an interesting proposition.

To be remarkable or to be on autopilot?

Being remarkable really calls on our best efforts.

The good news is that remarkable has cruise control.

Go, fly, soar, be amazing, have fun, make a difference.

And do one small thing that scares you.

Then set it on autopilot and do the same thing everyday.

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