Thank you for being here and a wish for you

  Have been thinking about you. Yes you, reading this now. i appreciate your presence. Thank you. Here’s to hoping your day today is really special. i don’t mean special in the traditional sense like a holiday or milestone or something exciting. i mean special in that you are able to go through your day […]

No theory at Mid Life Celebration

  (photo: Yosemite operating system install complete.) Why can so few of us slow down enough to appreciate unusually rare art? Called three people yesterday on the flight home from Detroit. The calls were the first of this type in 55 years. The people were chosen for their dedication, support, encouragement, loyalty, hope. People side by […]

Three groups of people (which group are we?)

  Three groups of people (and we move through all three in our lifetime, yet have a general comfort zone): optimists pessimists fence-sitters (waffle back and forth) Mid Life Celebration is a book that will have the following fairly predictable outcomes: optimists – will cheer, take action, and show gratitude pessimists – will be defensive, […]

Dear Readers, each morning I think of you and wonder six things

  Dear Readers, each morning I think of you and wonder six things. Do you know: How grateful I am for your company? How much I hope you get more out of this now than when you started? How often I dream that you find it worthy to share with others? How scary it can […]