Three groups of people (which group are we?)

t-shirt with the number 1000000000
What if one-million Baby Boomers (of the 78 million) transformed from Mid Life Celebration?


Three groups of people (and we move through all three in our lifetime, yet have a general comfort zone):

  1. optimists
  2. pessimists
  3. fence-sitters (waffle back and forth)

Mid Life Celebration is a book that will have the following fairly predictable outcomes:

  1. optimists – will cheer, take action, and show gratitude
  2. pessimists – will be defensive, angry, and bad mouth
  3. fence sitters – will agree because the truths are self-evident, but won’t do anything

You know, a miracle could happen, and everyone, everywhere would find the message as the right catalyst at the right time.

We can dream can’t we?

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PS. Yes, the tee shirt number is one billion.


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