Thank you for being here and a wish for you

Disney management keynote speaker


Have been thinking about you. Yes you, reading this now. i appreciate your presence. Thank you.

Here’s to hoping your day today is really special.

i don’t mean special in the traditional sense like a holiday or milestone or something exciting.

i mean special in that you are able to go through your day being fully present.





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Crazy how one day at a time adds up

Mid Life Celebration founder and follower
Donna Flanagin and jeff noel at Epcot’s Land Pavilion.


Large sign labeled "Think" at Epcot's Inventions West
Leaving Epcot yesterday, January 20, 2015.


Is social media really changing your world?

After nearly six years, Donna and jeff finally meet in person at Epcot yesterday, January 20, 2015.

What is remarkable about these two is that they have read every Mid Life Celebration post since the beginning. Well over 10,000 posts.

Every post is written to encourage (even antagonize) the reader to think differently. Deeper.

Thank you Donna Flanagin.

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No theory at Mid Life Celebration

Yosemite Safari


(photo: Yosemite operating system install complete.)

Why can so few of us slow down enough to appreciate unusually rare art?

Called three people yesterday on the flight home from Detroit. The calls were the first of this type in 55 years.

The people were chosen for their dedication, support, encouragement, loyalty, hope.

People side by side with MLC from the beginning in April 2009.

Mid Life Celebration’s very first post was November 14, 2008.

Sure it’s challenging to read five daily, differently-themed blog posts for five-plus years.

Maybe they were contacted because they understand it’s exponentially more challenging to write them.

No theory here.

Only real life in real time.

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