Dear Readers, each morning I think of you and wonder six things

Lane 8 at Lake Brantley High School Track stadium
Yesterday’s track meet… hope you click over to Lane 8 (Next Blog)


Dear Readers, each morning I think of you and wonder six things. Do you know:

  1. How grateful I am for your company?
  2. How much I hope you get more out of this now than when you started?
  3. How often I dream that you find it worthy to share with others?
  4. How scary it can be to be a writer?
  5. How sincerely I value your feedback?
  6. How often I think about one through five?

Be well today and remain amazed.

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By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    Trust me – I am thankful to be along for the ride. I appreciate the daily encouragement (and often a challenge to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone).

    On a side note, here’s something you may not see. I do repost some of your blogs from time to time on LinkedIn (you can see that). But you may not see the comments that come back to me from my connections, thanking me for sharing. It may, however, generate more readership here, because your messages “prick the heart.” That’s expanding your words beyond the walls of your sphere of influence into the farther reaches of your sphere of concern without having to directly spread yourself to get there (a la Stephen Covey).

    Spot on, Jeff, spot on!


  2. Bob, what a lovely message to share this beautiful day.

    Continuous improvement fatigue is something not everyone can handle.

    Just yesterday I wrote a post about it (insanely, it won’t go live for 100 days). 🙂

    Yet the hidden truth is that we’re going to be fatigued by the day to day anyway, why not have it be from striving to improve our overall wellness, and having a greater, more effective impact on the world around us.

    Bob, a humble bow to you, my friend. Thank you. For everything.

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