Do we abdicate this our whole lives until we realize it’s quicksand?

Golds Gym Mission statement wall plague
Why aren’t there more retirees in the gym?


Do we abdicate this our whole lives until we realize it’s quicksand?


Our personal responsibility to make decisions for ourselves so someone else doesn’t have to?

Is it appropriate for aging adults to place this responsibility on their children?

Or is this simply an insidious societal decline in personal leadership?

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Everything Is Important

The one thing so easy to completely forget after the honeymoon

escalator at Detroit Airport
the devil doesn’t make us bad, he makes us busy


The one thing so easy to completely forget after the honeymoon of excitement – you know, the honeymoon of initial, feels-great-to-be-recommitted energy around promises we made to course correct after decades of Baby Boomer wandering.

The whole part about changing.


Changing… wanting to… promising to recommit… remember?

To tackle today in a balanced way, I love jumping from mind (this blog) to body (this blog).


Authenticity (New Currency)

What Happens To Your Personal Culture When You Refuse To Settle For Less?

Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Main Lobby, Walt Disney World

Culture is what people think and do without thinking. Disney Cast are taught from day one (even earlier actually) that excellence is the only acceptable standard. Boomers, if you’ve never worked or lived in this type of environment, it may be challenging to understand or comprehend.

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Island Time

You May Say I’m A Dreamer, But I’m Not The Only One

Sit Back And Enjoy Life Or Lead The Charge (why not both)

Dream wide-open. Picture young children learning mental, physical, spiritual, financial and organizational responsibility at the same time they’re learning to speak, draw, write, spell, add and subtract.

We don’t wait until our children become adults to learn how to add and subtract, yet we somehow think personal responsibility will fall from Heaven when they turn 18 or 21. Really?

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Dear Readers

Midlife Signals An Implied Higher Level Of Personal Leadership

Midlife Wakeup Calls

Dear readers, jeff noel can’t quite put his finger on the undeniable urge to change his midlife writing focus. Midlife signals an implied timeframe for maturity, for wisdom, and for personal leadership. A time to be sure life affairs are in order.

Because the reality, if baby boomers have made it this far, is we are in an undeniable truth: life’s second-half is here, and the final buzzer will go off who knows when.

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