Two rights don’t make a wrong

Extremely crowded airport during serious weather delays


(photo: So many people making so many choices… nothing wrong with a few shortcuts, right?)

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but it sure is tempting to feel sorry for ourselves isn’t it?

When someone mistreats us isn’t that automatic permission to lash back? But then we’d be a hypocrite. Or maybe, just human.

We push the envelope at work.

We empathize with mediocrity – the ones just going through the motions, maybe even a chip on their shoulder – knowing they have a hard life.

The harsh reality for the world, especially the pessimistic, is that everyone has a hard life.

Just because we don’t verbalize our excuses, doesn’t mean our list isn’t a mile long.

Yet we remain silent, not wanting to directly say, ‘Your excuses are invalid.’

We suck it up. We continue to honor our customers and peers like there’s no tomorrow.

On a related note, we wonder if our bosses honored their direct reports and peers the same way, what might happen?


Decent analogy is that parenting’s toughest job is knowing what’s really going on.

Same with leadership.

Most parents – and leaders – are clueless.

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