Should we try it if the benefits could be staggering?

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(photo: Six months is a long time. Imagine an entire year.)

You know the coolest thing about an intensely positive attitude?

You are ok doing the craziest experiments that:

  1. No one else is even thinking of doing.
  2. No one else would even dream of succeeding at it.

Twelve more days to complete one year of not using I, Me, my, or mine.

Not in:

  • Five blogs a day. And yes, that’s 1,865 posts.
  • Not in emails for Disney.
  • Not in emails for MLC.
  • Not in personal emails.
  • Not in a single social media update, reply, comment. Not one. For a year.

To be honest, it’s insane.

But some unexpected Magic happened.

Have you ever tried it? For a day? A week? Longer?

See how crazy it is.

The benefits are staggering.

First up was learning an invisible (unknown) definition of humility.

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