The reward for being a midlife warrior isn’t readily apparent

Great Dane lap dog
Try to tell the Great Dane he is not a lap dog. Try to tell ourselves we can be anything.


Second day back from the four-day Senior Assisted Living and Nursing Home visit. Wrapping up the afterglow, inspiration and insight with today’s five posts.

The reward for being a midlife warrior isn’t readily apparent. Bottomline reality is this:

Life is hard.

In nature, it’s called the food chain. Everyday, living things must accept their place in the chain and fight for their survival. Nature never takes a day off.

We can take solace in knowing our weariness from the daily grind is a gift. Or we can carry an unbearable burden if we see this as a curse.

Choose wisely.

Be fit. It’s the only way to thrive.




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Will it ever end?

Disney Management Consulting
The work day hasn’t officially begun and we already feel behind.


Hardly a day goes by where this question isn’t clamoring for a final answer:

Is all this effort worth it?

Life is (often overwhelmingly) full of challenges that we don’t need nor want. Yet there’s no escaping.

This brings us back to the question highlighted above.

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Will our passion win out or will we quit

Teddy Bear tucked in bed
Remember when we thought we could change the world?


Will our passion to remain positive in a challenging world win out or will we quit?

Only time will tell.

I know my answer, but what is really intriguing while writing this, what is everyone else’s?

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If you’re going through hell, keep on going

near Zion National Park
hell can be deceiving


If you’re going through hell, keep on going.

So easy to forget.

So important not to.

Constantly reminded how much hotter hell would be without decent (not perfect) organization in our life.

We know this.

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Mid Life Change Eh?

“To be human is to change.  To be perfect is to change often.” Henry Newman

Heard this last Sunday at Church.  It resonated. I immediately wrote it down, because it reminds me what I’m trying to say at Mid Life Celebration.

Mid Life Celebration, or as some say, mid life crisis, is a time to:

  1. Rethink
  2. Reprioritize
  3. Recommit

The above three also happen to be the tag line here at Mid Life Celebration, which is two years old now.

That’s all it is. Do those three. And then start the process over again.

PS.  The domain name is two years old, but I’ve been using the phrase in a variety of ways for 11 years, since my mid life crisis celebration began.