Midlife quirky is as midlife quirky does

Dogs dressed up like kids in baby strollers
Times Square quirky on a Saturday night.


We say crazy things to ourselves. Some we say over and over our whole life through.

Some maybe only a handful of times, ever.

What makes these different?

Is there any meaning or learning from the difference?

And who would ever care about such a thing?

Writing five daily, differently-themed blogs about life’s (5) big choices is crazy.

Crazier still is doing it for five straight years without missing a day.

And even crazier than that – the indescribable feeling things are just beginning to click.

Curious now, what’s your crazy?

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Self Control (Impossible?)

When was the last time we had an awesome good news, bad news day?


Large Nemo fish prop in classroom
Classroom prop reminds us to just keep swimming


When was the last time we had an awesome good news/bad news day?

It was yesterday for me.

And an amazing reminder at how much saying very little can be effective when emotions are high.

Patience is a well known virtue.

Strategy, a common business virtue.

Therefore, patience is an excellent business strategy.

Key reminder reinforced – big time.

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About Mid Life Celebration

Life’s great discoveries wait patiently for us.

jeff noel Google image search
Google searches reveal everything about a public person


Life’s great discoveries wait patiently for us.

It is only by following your deepest instinct that you can lead a rich life. – Katharine Butler Hathaway

Mostly, we don’t have patience for common sense.

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Today’s quick thought about our physical health is a click away, here.


90 Days Ahead

Why You Can’t Teach Patience With Impatience

The greatest gift for able-minded people is the gift to choose patience over impatience. Take the wheel.

It’s impossible to teach patience with impatience. Disagree? This epiphany hit me nine years ago when our Son was two years old. There’s a reason the phrase “terrible two’s” became household.

Now, imagine being in a loving relationship with an adult – impatiently expecting patience from the other person. The best we can hope for is to control what we can control (our own patience levels) and let go of what we can’t.

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I Must…

I have to be the most patient person in the world, so that our son (9) will understand how patience works.

I must also be the most thankful person in the world so our son will understand how thankfulness works.

Celebrating Thanksgiving every November, or going to Church once a week to give thanks simply doesn’t cut it.

I must become the most thankful person in the world.

There is no other way.