Is Society Even Remotely Interested In Personal Responsibility?

A New Dawn Arrives Daily, But Few Seem To Notice

Who am I to think society is even remotely interested in changing, let alone seriously interested? Is it crazy to care about personal responsibility? To believe that if we could teach personal responsibility at a much earlier age and in a more integrated way, teens would move into adulthood much better equipped with the realities of being solely in charge.

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Dear Son, Use Caution When Dreaming

Dreams, Like Sand Castles, Can Be Easily Washed Away

Dear Son, use caution when dreaming. There’s a time and a place for dreaming, it would seem. The challenge is discerning this. At 52, maybe I’m dreaming too big. Maybe it’s too much, too late.

Who am I to think it’s possible to change our educational, parenting and personal responsibility paradigms? For today anyway, it’s feeling quite impossible.

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You May Say I’m A Dreamer, But I’m Not The Only One

Sit Back And Enjoy Life Or Lead The Charge (why not both)

Dream wide-open. Picture young children learning mental, physical, spiritual, financial and organizational responsibility at the same time they’re learning to speak, draw, write, spell, add and subtract.

We don’t wait until our children become adults to learn how to add and subtract, yet we somehow think personal responsibility will fall from Heaven when they turn 18 or 21. Really?

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Here’s Where This Mid Life Celebration Vision Really Gets Crazy

The Ripple Effect Of A Beautiful Sunset Is Far Reaching

Okay, picture the ripple effect 1.2 million male elders can have. What if it went something like this:

  • More than just 3% male baby boomers
  • But female baby boomers too
  • And more than just the boomers, but gen-xers too
  • And then Millennials, and more…
  • All the way down to young parents teaching their kids
  • Even down to teaching personal responsibility beginning in pre-school

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Can You Imagine If 1.2 Million Male Baby Boomers Led A Charge To Do Something Great?

Helping Out Is The American Way And We Must Continue This Legacy of Our Forefathers

If just 3% of the male baby boomers did something great – from mend an important relationship, to help raise money to find a cure for an incurable disease. Or something in between. What a positive impact this would have on younger generations. On their inherited obligation to clean the place up a bit before they leave. Why should they if we don’t? Ya with me?

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