How did your attitude about life change on 9/11?

9/11/01 10am: teaching a class at Epcot's Germany pavilion when I heard the news

September 11, 2001…. the day the world stopped turning. How did your attitude about life change on 9/11?

My attitude was reinforced on that horrifically tragic day, and the days and weeks following. At the root of Midlife Celebration is an underlying attitude on how to respond to life’s major wake-up calls.

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  1. Jeff,

    I remember the day well. And I remember the one thing my company’s president did that earned him a bit more respect. He sent us home after the Twin Towers were hit with the following words, “If you can, go home and hug your families.” Perspective is everything – he made that decision by cell phone while sitting on a plane on the tarmac at Newwark airport. He was about to take off when the planes started crashing, and his plane was held up. One of the hijacked planes had just taken off minutes before his was to take off at the same airport.

    Again, perspective is everything, and life’s wake-up calls can make you put your focus on the things that matter.


  2. Bob, what a chilling story. It’s also touching. Go home and hug your Families if you can. There was a lot of hugging in the weeks following.

    Earlier that Summer, Cheryl put up an American Flag from our house wall by the garage. It’s been there ever since. (of course it’s ben replaced several times). 🙂

    Remember all the America Flags?

  3. Jeff,

    Yes – I remember the American flags everywhere. It was an interesting time – heightened patriotism and heightened concern for the eternal. Ministers from all denominations were asked to answer that age-old question…why do bad things happen to good people? And people filled the pews to hear the answer.


  4. Reminds of the old adage: There are no athiests in a foxhole. Our entire country was hunkered down after the attack.

    That day I was pushing Maddy on the swing while Dola napped. My brother called to tell me of the first plane. I brought Maddy inside to watch her favorite movie, Cinderella, while I watched a muted CNN on my laptop sitting on the couch with her. When it was all over, and we knew the magnitude of the strike, we walked to Maria’s school and picked her up early, just to have her home.

  5. Patty, love “there are no atheists in a foxhole”. Brilliant.
    As a Nation/World, we paused and took stock of what really matters.

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