Writer’s flood is a blessing and a curse

Cabin bedroom and open door


(photo: The cabin loft looking into the bedroom, early morning, Labor Day weekend)

Writer’s flood is a blessing and a curse. But mostly a blessing.

Rarely, like today, is it a curse.

  1. Still have a million observations from the Labor Day fraternity reunion in the North Carolina mountains.
  2. Heading ‘home’ to Spring Grove, Pennsylvania tomorrow to see family.
  3. The logistics of an imminent life change are also flooding the idea generator.

A bountiful midlife harvest?

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  1. Jeff,

    I hope you didn’t try to limit the flow, but, instead, just let it all out. Some of the best writers in history didn’t have a steady writing schedule, but would, instead, have moments of information dumps that would eventually turn into their best works!


  2. Bob, thanks for your note. Always a nice way to enjoy the morning.

    Having writer’s flood is one thing. Having time to write it all is another.

    Time, that’s the invisibly remarkable thing about this five-a-day blogging – how time is found… every single day (without missing a single day in over 2k days). Up until Halloween, there was a big-time, full-time responsibility called ‘work’.

    That’s the reason today’s posts were written 100 days ago, and the five posts (still to be written as the pre-sunrise sky is turning brilliant red) from today will post March 22, 2015. 🙂

    It’s not the Magic that makes it work, its the hard work that makes it Magic.

    Be amazed and be amazing.

    PS. Thanks for the LinkedIn endorsement. 🙂

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