Writer’s flood never ceases to amaze

Ellie Caulkins Opera House exterior at night
Final photo last night in Denver.


Is it weird to feel guilty for having so many nice things happen to you?

Begging some questions:

  • Should we feel guilty?
  • Do we deserve it all?
  • Day after day?

And then some days goodness rains down on you. Is that fair?

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PS. A day full of goodness is not without pain, temptation, sorrow, failure, just to clarify.

Writer’s flood is a blessing and a curse

Cabin bedroom and open door


(photo: The cabin loft looking into the bedroom, early morning, Labor Day weekend)

Writer’s flood is a blessing and a curse. But mostly a blessing.

Rarely, like today, is it a curse.

  1. Still have a million observations from the Labor Day fraternity reunion in the North Carolina mountains.
  2. Heading ‘home’ to Spring Grove, Pennsylvania tomorrow to see family.
  3. The logistics of an imminent life change are also flooding the idea generator.

A bountiful midlife harvest?

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What would happen if midlife authors got writer’s flood?

Canadian, American boarder
15 hours ago I crossed the Canadian boarder


What would happen if midlife authors got writer’s flood? It would be a feeling like you have so much to write about but are finding the ticking clock making it challenging to whittle things down to five short and pithy posts.

A great attitude will make the best of this, even on the road in another Country.

With a poor attitude we would freeze, feel overwhelmed, procrastinate, and curse the day for it’s unrelenting pressures.

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