Idea Virus MLC-1N1

Notice the date in this picture? It’s today, January 16, 2009. So?

Google Alert
Google Alert

OK, good morning world.  How do you start your day?  Same way every time, or each day different?

Is it a chore?  Are you anxious or worried about all that will be expected of you?

Is it exciting?  An adventure in which you get to help others by what you do?

Each morning begins the same for me.  On my knees, three prayers. Kiss my wife and son as they sleep. Turn on all the computers. Head downstairs to make some coffee.

While coffee is brewing, head back upstairs to check emails on two computers.

Google alerts come in every day around a few key words.

Close Up
Close Up
Facebook Page
Facebook Page

The point is this, in case you haven’t figured this out yet: An idea virus (credit to Seth Godin) is something good that spreads because of the Internet.

It spreads much faster, and much farther, than without the Internet.

You get this right?  It’s common sense but not common…..

PS. Never asked them to post this on the company’s Facebook page. They did it anyway. Seems it was a good idea that spread.

Mid Life Purple Cow?

Mid Life Purple Cow?  It’s ok if you don’t know what this is.

It’s ok. But it’s a shame. Not a big shame, but a shame nevertheless.

Better late than never, right? So I began reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow last week. Finished it yesterday.

If you seek encouragement because you dream bigger than most, and you often feel “stupid” when people comment on your big dreams, this is a must read.

It will make you feel better. I guarantee it (unless you’re an alien).

If you are a Purple Cow (remarkable), most of the herd dislikes you because you’re different. Because you’re annoying; threatening, in a way.

Being remarkable is risky. Playing it safe is risky. In life, we get to pick one. Don’t be a chicken.

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