Let’s dissect this May 2010 photograph

Orlando based keynote motivational speaker
In this 2010 photo (l-r): My first book’s storyboard, desk against the wall, Macbook on desk, PC on desk.


Let’s dissect this May 2010 photograph.

The original vision for writing a book happened in 1979, as a college Junior.

Started the process for gathering the content to write a book during Fall 2009. Yes, that’s really 30 years later.

The storyboard pictured above completed by Spring 2010.

The book was written Summer 2013.

Only three people knew the book had been completed:

me • our son (13) • the publisher

The first copy went to Cheryl on Thanksgiving morning 2013. She was clueless that it had been finished and was astonished to learn it was actually available on Amazon.

About an hour or two later, i announced to the world (Family/Friends/Colleagues) that the book (and Kindle version) was now available on Amazon.




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Merry Christmas 2015

Best Western Valparaiso sign
Tiniest rental car i’ve ever driven. It stayed parked the entire stay.


Apple Maps
Decided to walk yesterday to meet Kurt.


Merry Christmas 2015.

Ordinary days can be anything but. Especially when we anticipate (and expect) them consistently.

Yesterday, September 15 as this is being written, was a milestone day for Mid Life Celebration.

Met Kurt, spoke with Kurt, and was reassured he is a right fit.

What an awesome Christmas present.

Marketing and sales are part of business. Thankful to have someone who can help with that.

By the way, i’d like to rename marketing and sales to awareness and engagement.

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Detour today from short and pithy

Disney Customer Service Keynotes
Mid Life Celebration founder enjoying an ice cream cone at 9am on a weekday.


Can you pin point the thought or event that changed the direction of your life?

The catalytic thought that changed the trajectory of my life…

The notion of, “What would we do if we only had six months to live” just didn’t feel right…

A more compelling idea emerged, “What if we had only ten years to do everything we ever wanted to do in life?”

Sorta chuckled right away that one year would go by and i’d suddenly be embarrassingly reminded of that “promise”, “Uh oh, now i only have nine years to do the ten year plan.”

The idea that it all had to be done within a decade was intoxicating because it seemed so doable. So much so that i began six months before the milestone 50th birthday – the starting line of “the next ten years”.

Rather than procrastinate, i got a tax ID and started an LLC on January 1, 2009.

The big picture?

Five more years to finish a 30-year Disney career and retire at 55.

And five more years to put a dent in the Universe – to raise money to fund a cure for Crohn’s disease.

Now here we are.

To be continued…

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The Most Admired Company In The World?

Disney, The Most Admired Company In The World?

Not in the top 1,000 or the top 100, nor even the top 10. Number one in the entire world! Every year, year after year, a Disney animated feature is expected to win the Acadamy Award for best animated film. How does a company, a leader, the followers, believe this is possible with such consistency and dominance?

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