Dear Son, You Are The Reason I Write, the Reason I Speak, And The Reason God Put Me Here

Traveling for a living. Creating Life's Ripple Effect everywhere we go.

Dear Son, children are the reason God made parents. Your Mother and I were chosen to be your parents. My job is to teach you through speaking, writing and living. In that process, God has also shown me that he would like my efforts to expand well beyond our home.

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Dear Son (and Fellow Baby Boomers), The Toughest Fact To Accept Is That We Own Our Outcomes

Don't Be A Crash Test Dummy, Be In Charge

There are exceptions to every rule. However, no one is exempt from exercising regularly, it’s our personal responsibility. We are in charge, no one else. This is life’s toughest lesson because we take the test when it’s too late. Do most elders focus on regular exercise and moderate, healthy eating?

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The Most Admired Company In The World?

Disney, The Most Admired Company In The World?

Not in the top 1,000 or the top 100, nor even the top 10. Number one in the entire world! Every year, year after year, a Disney animated feature is expected to win the Acadamy Award for best animated film. How does a company, a leader, the followers, believe this is possible with such consistency and dominance?

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