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Can you pin point the thought or event that changed the direction of your life?

The catalytic thought that changed the trajectory of my life…

The notion of, “What would we do if we only had six months to live” just didn’t feel right…

A more compelling idea emerged, “What if we had only ten years to do everything we ever wanted to do in life?”

Sorta chuckled right away that one year would go by and i’d suddenly be embarrassingly reminded of that “promise”, “Uh oh, now i only have nine years to do the ten year plan.”

The idea that it all had to be done within a decade was intoxicating because it seemed so doable. So much so that i began six months before the milestone 50th birthday – the starting line of “the next ten years”.

Rather than procrastinate, i got a tax ID and started an LLC on January 1, 2009.

The big picture?

Five more years to finish a 30-year Disney career and retire at 55.

And five more years to put a dent in the Universe – to raise money to fund a cure for Crohn’s disease.

Now here we are.

To be continued…

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