Ready, set, go…

Home construction site


(photo: Construction site near Disney World, yesterday morning)

Where do you start when you don’t know where to start?

While a question like this normally leads us down a path marked confusion, this is anything but.

Okay, think mildly transformational opportunity.

Start in Orlando. Fly to Charlotte. Drive to a mountaintop near Asheville.

The view upon the mountaintop arrival is where the real, ‘where-do-we-start’ question begins… at the…

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Mid Life Moose Wisdom

Mid Life Moose Wisdom:

Aren’t our days great when we can be thankful for the simple things? Like a long (and maybe boring) plane flight that arrives safely. Like a friend who’s willing to drive the rental car so you can gaze uninterrupted at the beauty of a new place.  And like the ability to act like a teenager, while in mid life, when an Alaskan Moose walks in front of your vehicle.  Carpe diem.