Fascinated by midlife hope, dreams, fears, and resistance to change

despair and triumph are part of life, but they do not need to be equal parts

Fascinated by midlife hope, dreams, fears, and resistance to change. We carry these. In abundance. They counter each other, often leaving us with little to show.

The only limitations we have are those we impose upon ourselves.

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ReThinking our midlife elevator speech

speaking gigs
you get to speak to a million people, one gig at a time
speaking events
only using a third of the capacity

Yesterday was a travel day, a work day – The Renaissance to O’Hare, O’Hare to Detroit Metropolitan and on to the Westin Southfield.

Four years ago I embarked on a 100-day challenge to leave a trail for our young son in case something bad ever happened to me…

Inspired by The Last Lecture, and determined to fulfill a college promise, the writing began. Never (repeat NEVER) dreamed, not even for a second, it would feel impossible to stop.

So many things in life that should be mandatory we don’t stop. Ever. Are they obvious?

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The harsh reality of entrepreneurship is nothing more than fighting for freedom

Mid Life Celebration turned four yesterday. This was my first “expo”… (such a “rookie amateur”)

humble beginnings often seem embarrassing in retrospect
humble entrepreneurial beginnings often seem embarrassing in retrospect (same at the gym too)

Entrepreneurship is living five to ten years of your life like most people won’t. So you can live the rest of them like most can’t.

Like, you know, like, um, well, like an entrepreneur. Like some yahoo who started drawing art on the back of business cards.

Something about being able to schedule your priorities versus prioritizing your schedule.

Same thing happens when you spend five to ten years getting in great physical condition – a lot of health crap and concerns disappear.

Like some yahoo who started running one mailbox a day for a week…