Never let them see us sweat when we’re paying our luxury tax

Teenage chalk street message
Luxury tax is a price we are willing to pay, above the normal price, to move forward


Never let them see us sweat, right? Everyone sweats stuff. Small stuff. Big stuff. None of us is immune.

Know one of the things that really helps?

Being decisive.

This is difficult because of what we could lose or leave on the table.

What helps is factoring in the luxury tax. This is the price we pay extra, for the luxury of moving forward.

The tax is usually paid with money or time, above and beyond what is usual and customary.

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Two funny things about the way jeff noel blogs that most don’t care about

University of Iowa Memorial Hall
Yesterday, February 12, 2013



Two funny things about the way jeff noel blogs that most don’t care about.

  1. he writes in real time, but ahead
  2. writes five daily, differently-themed blogs

This matters to almost no one, yet I do it anyway. Weird.




Potential game-changer?

Time will tell.

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PS. It’s been an absolute game-changer for the author. Completely changed the way each day is thought of, attacked, enjoyed, and savored.

Lane 8

ReThinking our midlife elevator speech

speaking gigs
you get to speak to a million people, one gig at a time
speaking events
only using a third of the capacity

Yesterday was a travel day, a work day – The Renaissance to O’Hare, O’Hare to Detroit Metropolitan and on to the Westin Southfield.

Four years ago I embarked on a 100-day challenge to leave a trail for our young son in case something bad ever happened to me…

Inspired by The Last Lecture, and determined to fulfill a college promise, the writing began. Never (repeat NEVER) dreamed, not even for a second, it would feel impossible to stop.

So many things in life that should be mandatory we don’t stop. Ever. Are they obvious?

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