We’re going to Disneyland!

pool acid wash


(photo: Two full days of “worrying” about whether or not we can restore the two-year old pool finish to look like new again.)

We’re going to Disneyland!

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  1. I hope to get there one day! 🙂 Zac saw a thing where you can also do a “walk where Walt walked” tour there that he wants to do.

  2. That pool is practically brand new. Did something go wrong with the finish? Did too much pixie dust scratch the finish? Haha

  3. Bob, pardon this thought, but pretty sure Walt walked the entire place, ‘a million times’. Like, there’s no where in Disneyland that Walt hasn’t walked.

    The whole place is ‘scared’. Just sayin’. 🙂

  4. Haha…I know what you are saying is right. But this was a tour around Burbank, etc. that was on the Disney website that showed you where his offices were, etc.

  5. Bob, didn’t know you weren’t referring to Disneyland. That changes everything. 🙂
    Hope Zac’s dream comes true.

  6. No, it’s my fault. I just assumed Disneyland was connected to the Burbank locations. Melissa claims I am geographically challenged.

  7. Yeah, it worked out in a nick of time. We had one day to fill the pool back up before catching an early flight to LA. There wasn’t any room for error.

  8. Yes, and then there were unexpected scheduling delays. Because we had planned on it earlier and it got pushed back, we still had enough buffer to get it done before leaving.

    We also could have waited until we returned, because it was only an aesthetic issue.

    But i knew once we returned, there would new things on our plate.

    Had been working, unsuccessfully, for a year on solutions that didn’t involve emptying the pool. The risk with emptying the pool in a high water table area is that the shell becomes like a boat hull and can pop out of the ground. Crazy, but true.

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