Everything takes longer than you expect

  Generally speaking, everything takes longer than you expect. So please don’t become impatient or discouraged by your inability to quickly accomplish certain things. Impatience and discouragement are sure bets for quitting. Quitting leads to wondering “what might have been”. “Might have been” leads to regret. And reget, last time i checked, sucks.   • […]

Father of nudge theory won 2017 economics Noble Peace Prize

    Richard Thaler, Father of ‘nudge theory’ won a 2017 Noble Peace Prize in economics. What would happen if our attitude about questions became more important than our traditional focus on answers? For example, if we rethought our notions about college dormitory bathroom placement, could we increase freshmen retention rates. We toured a college the […]

There is midlife magic in not being afraid to be ordinary

  There is midlife magic in not being afraid to be ordinary. Like this… Two people besides myself have read Mid Life Celebration, the book. Neither raved. Polite comments, but no wow. This is quite the opposite when I read it. It completely inspires me. Completely. It’s two against one. Should I give up? Next Blog […]