Shift 4 Things

Shifted the focus to my business partner Saturday night…

A break from the book writing story, because, bottom line, when life throws a curve we need to shift our focus.

  1. Shift what we SAY
  2. Shift what we DO
  3. Shift what we THINK
  4. Shift what we FEEL

At least one, maybe more, of these must shift, to compensate for the challenge.

For me, it is all four.

Every situation, properly perceived, is an opportunity.

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Guest Bloggers Wanted

Dream Chaser
Dream Chaser

Guest Bloggers wanted.

Ever consider blogging but haven’t done it yet?

Ever dreamed of being a writer, but haven’t “published” anything yet?

Are you an experienced writer and want to expand your reach, relevance and impact?

If you’d like to be a Guest blogger at any of the five-a-day blogs I write, please think about it over the holidays.

Most of you saw this coming, and 2010 promises to be the best year ever. How could it not be?

So, seriously, think about it.

I’ll never embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable. Not intentionally anyway. I may embarrass myself occasionally, but that’s part of taking risks.

All part of being a Dream Chaser. Ya with me?

Mid Life Crisis Isn’t Really

A mid life crisis isn’t really a crisis at mid life.  It’s simply an opportunity to:

  1. Re-THINK
  3. Re-COMMIT

Common sense, isn’t it?  Pretty simple actually.

Be careful though.  Simple does not mean easy.  Carpe diem. 🙂