No Really, If This Was Your Last Summer With Your Family, How Would You Spend It?

While a friend drives, jeff noel snaps pictures of real life in real time…

Live everyday to the fullest, right? Carpe diem. Seize the day. An overused phrase that rarely inspires. So I made it a daily battle cry instead of a worn out motto.

jeff noel turns 52 in next week. This means there are 8 years left on a promise I made to live like there where 10 left. Two down, 8 to go.

If you had 10 years left to live, where would you start?

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  1. Whether I had one summer or ten years left, I would write more. I would record every childhood memory I have. I would write special letters to each of my kids telling them all about our lives together, stressing how much I love each one and am so very proud of them all. I would try to impart wisdom to each one so that they could continue to live their lives with a rich full confidence that they are loved no matter what.

    I would be more outgoing and more available to people and less concerned about trying to keep up with housework.

    I would smile and hug and kiss and laugh and hold hands and snuggle even more.

    I would spend more time outside listening to the Lord’s soft still voice in His creation.

    I would shop at Whole Foods.

  2. Natalie,

    Great list! Start doing it. We’re behind you.

    Jeff, nice picture of the intersection of Central Avenue and “Main Street” (was this on purpose?).

    Did you know today is the anniversary of the limited release of “Dead Poet’s Society” in 1989? Carpe Diem, Oh Captain, My Captain!

  3. David, no, first time in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
    Secondly, no idea there was a limited edition DPS dvd.
    DPS is my all time fav.
    Your compliment at the end is one in which the impossible goal resides.

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