Joy In Your Spirit

Your Effort Is Relative To How Clearly You Can See The Future

Boston Pizza in Nova Scotia. Interesting…

Was not able to take Jack The Bear this trip because of the extra equipment needed. But look what is staring at jeff noel in the adjacent booth.

As the multi-generational Family left, I asked Dad the Bear’s name. Rufus. His daughter is four. Same age our son was when he got Jack the (world-traveling) Bear.

Our son (10) may travel for a living some day. He may have a child he physically leaves behind, but never emotionally.

How do you other travelers out there stay emotionally connected?

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Would Your Life Change?

What It Takes To Be #1, According To Vince Lombardi

This advice is easily adapted to real life in real time…

If you want to die with peace and contentment, you’ve got to follow Vince Lombardi’s advice. Lombardi was a legendary Green Bay Packers coach.

You can pay it now with effort, or you can pay it later with fear.

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Authenticity (New Currency)

No Really, If This Was Your Last Summer With Your Family, How Would You Spend It?

While a friend drives, jeff noel snaps pictures of real life in real time…

Live everyday to the fullest, right? Carpe diem. Seize the day. An overused phrase that rarely inspires. So I made it a daily battle cry instead of a worn out motto.

jeff noel turns 52 in next week. This means there are 8 years left on a promise I made to live like there where 10 left. Two down, 8 to go.

If you had 10 years left to live, where would you start?

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What Advice Do You Have For When You Come To The Fork In The Road?

When you come to the fork in the road, take it.

June 1, 2011.

What if this was your last Summer?

What would you do?

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Everything Is Important

Shift 4 Things

Shifted the focus to my business partner Saturday night…

A break from the book writing story, because, bottom line, when life throws a curve we need to shift our focus.

  1. Shift what we SAY
  2. Shift what we DO
  3. Shift what we THINK
  4. Shift what we FEEL

At least one, maybe more, of these must shift, to compensate for the challenge.

For me, it is all four.

Every situation, properly perceived, is an opportunity.

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