Happy Summer Solstice 2018

expectations gap and unhappiness
Expectations gap and unhappiness.



Happy Summer Solstice 2018.

What are your expectations this Summer?

There are three key areas for all of us to manage if we want to have a happy Summer.

  1. Reality
  2. Others
  3. Past

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Is there a difference between our wishes and our actuals?

Disney's Hollywood Studios Streetmoshpere
Yesterday after lunch at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Prime Time Cafe.


Is there a difference between what we wish our life was like and what it’s actually like?

Assuming we answer either yes or no:

  • If yes, how did we accomplish it?
  • If no, why aren’t we accomplishing it?

In the same way society, in general, is uncomfortable talking about death, we are uncomfortable talking about excuses and regrets.

Anyone else find this fascinating?

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The two things our youthful dreams never prepared us for

Las Vegas t-shirt
Will be lucky to see anything but the airport and the hotel


The two things our youthful dreams never prepared us for:

  1. That life doesn’t cease being hard, even though we master many things
  2. The realization that wakeup calls are neither myth, nor avoidable

The best we can do moving forward is be realistic about what to expect.

Traveling around the world for a living, plan on seeing the airport and the hotel.

Anything else, no matter how many days you stay, is a bonus.

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Like it or not, good news and bad news follows us constantly

follower sign
There’s a time and a place for this. How do we transform when we are crystal clear?


Like it or not, good news and bad news follows us constantly. We are so stinking busy most days (years, even decades) that we get blinded to the reality that everybody is in the same boat.

So reminded of that today (11.12.13 – Nov 12, 2013) as the year-end holidays, and work challenges that go along with this time of year, that much of the world is in overdrive trying to survive and celebrate simultaneously.

This fact provides solace to one who has given herself permission to step up and be a positive catalyst the herd so desperately needs.

The herd is the majority, going through the motions. Until the final breath.

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