Is there a difference between our wishes and our actuals?

Disney's Hollywood Studios Streetmoshpere
Yesterday after lunch at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Prime Time Cafe.


Is there a difference between what we wish our life was like and what it’s actually like?

Assuming we answer either yes or no:

  • If yes, how did we accomplish it?
  • If no, why aren’t we accomplishing it?

In the same way society, in general, is uncomfortable talking about death, we are uncomfortable talking about excuses and regrets.

Anyone else find this fascinating?

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Do you have a ready answer for this question today?

Nelson Mandella coin dated 2000
In 2000, was given this coin as a gift from a group of South Africans


When we really desire something we figure it out. When it seems too difficult, we create an excuse.

And sometimes, we rebound after our excuses and figure it out anyway.

Wishing you a good path today.

What are you wishing for others?

The same, no?

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Single Biggest Wish?

Natural beauty is much more breathtaking when you can share the view.

My greatest wish? To become a Father. But I didn’t realize it until I was 41. It almost didn’t happen.

What was, or is, yours?

Insight: Better late than never. And even if never, trust God’s plan.

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