What Makes You Feel Young?

Fertility Isn't An Entitlement
Fertility Isn't An Entitlement

Midlife crisis resulted, in part, because adults are living longer and therefore have to work harder on the upkeep of their most valuable asset.

Their life.

The mind must stay sharp. The body must stay active. The spirit must be nurtured. The job needs to be stable. The inbox remains unrelenting.

All these things are a fact of life and because midlife crisis is a relatively new issue (only since 1965), society hasn’t adequately addressed how to have a well balanced approach to aging.

Without balanced personal wellness, as people often call it, the aging process accelerates at a faster rate, which begs today’s question.

What makes you feel young?

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  1. ALIVE = feeling young to me now. If I feel tired ,out of touch, listless and disinterested= sick,depressed= not alive, not vibrant…not YOUNG. Having the energy to still care to “keep up with ” the popular culture stimulates both my mind and body. Knowing what’s the buzz about, maintaining a praying path(spiritual guidance) political leaders names, political actions, new icons, recent research, trends and scientifically significant discoveries,(health/earth/mind/body) USING the current information lights up the dendrities in the brain to actually feel synergistic and connected ; literally and figuratively to the world..and I must engage physically in the acts of changed behavior to adapt&incorporate this new information…..which means I’m ALIVE! …which is a constant if maintained/able to be maintained.

  2. Heidi, deep and relevant thoughts you’ve shared.
    Perhaps it can be summarized as, “Use it or lose it”?
    Thanks for visiting and contributing to the conversation.
    Be ALIVE, all day, everyday!

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