World’s first for profit non-profit?

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Is five years enough time (or too much time) to lay a serious foundation?


What is this notion of a for profit non-profit?

Preparing to establish Mid Life Celebration, LLC in 2008, retaining an accountant was a top recommendation from other established small business entrepreneurial friends.

My vision was to create something that would raise a lot money and then give it to the folks dedicated to finding a cure for Crohn’s disease.

Calling the accountant, an unusual discovery – he didn’t do non-profits.

Immediately (must be deep Disney creativity) the notion of a for profit non-profit entered my consciousness.

The 10-year plan included five years to create the platform, become a brand, and most importantly, make money.

Four point nine years have passed.

Can I do it within five?

Insight: Dreams come true when we are flexible, creative, and determined to only accept success.

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