Rich Dad, Poor Dad


Just published a world-record blog post, and am actually undecided.

Should I be embarrassed or proud?

Mostly both.

As for length, embarrassed. As for content, proud.

So, a compromise. I put it on it’s own PAGE, under Book Reviews. Click here if interested in my spin on the book:

What’s the definition of a Lover?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What’ the definition of a Lover?

Here’s a definition that may surprise you. I heard it on the radio today, after attending the National Speakers Association Winter Conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando.

A Lover can satisfy a woman.

The same woman.

For his entire lifetime.

Please, let’s hear that one more time.

A Lover can satisfy a woman, the same woman, for his entire lifetime.

Dude, where’s my blog?

Holy cow Batman!  It was not effortless.  Yet, finally, here it is!  Hey, if you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon a brand new blog that may challenge you in ways you’ve rarely, or never, been challenged.   If you like to get better at things – anything really – to make yourself a better human being, this blog could help you sustain your efforts.  Or, it may be just what you were looking for to jumpstart your desire to improve – (again) at anything, really – but mostly to be a better person overall – to leave the world a little better than you found it.  If you don’t like to be challenged, this is definitely not a blog to return to.  Seriously.  I try really hard not to take myself so seriously (I’m a serious professional, by way of my career).