Yesterday in New Orleans, today home at Walt Disney World

jeff noel's name on the Hyatt TV was a surprise
Hyatt Regency surprise welcome on my room TV


New Orleans sunrise from Hyatt Regency
New Orleans sunrise from Hyatt Regency


New Orleans sunrise from Hyatt Regency
New Orleans sunrise from Hyatt Regency


Are we able to always be looking at what seems normal boring – the standard view out the window?

And yet always be looking for those very spectacular ways the boring isn’t so?

Are we able to keep up with everything?

  • mental attitude
  • physical health
  • emotional centeredness
  • career thriver
  • home organizer

Each one impacts the other.

Life’s five big choices – mind – body – spirit – money – hq.

Simple. Boring. Spectacular?

* * * * *

This month jeff noel is challenging Mid Life Celebration readers to follow all five daily blogs about work life balance. To navigate instantly from this mental attitude blog to his physical health blog, click -> go to Next Blog


What a great morning to think, run, pray, work, and get organized

watch the sunrise
yes, a room with a view…life is short, pay attention

It’s a beautiful central Florida morning, sun about to peek over the trees. Do you catch the sunrise often? Positioned my home office desk, second floor, facing east, catching every sunrise. You know, we only get so many mornings, so many sunrises. Don’t want to waste any of them.

Have spent the past two hours reading, writing, praying, thinking and organizing. It’s time for a run, before it gets hot, and before the work day begins. You follow a similar path, I’m sure, because our clocks are ticking…

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July At Mid Life Celebration, LLC Will Have Important & Inspiring Themes

Mid Life Celebration, LLC is comprised of five daily blogs revolving around Life’s Big Choices: Mind, Body, Spirit, Money & HQ. The themes look like this:

MIND:  Mid Life Celebration – “The Next Lecture”

BODY:  Lane 8 – “Staying Motivated”

SPIRIT:  jeff – “31 Days of Thankfulness”

MONEY:  jungle jeff – “Dear Son”

HQ:  jeff – “Life’s To Do Lists (Referrals)”

This is gonna be an awesome month. Doing something I’ve never done before.

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No Dreams Come True If We Don’t Try, Fail, Try Again

Yesterday, Jack and I returned from Providence, Rhode Island…

It was fun to practice a speech in the Capital Building.

This morning’s post (below) had an intent you might have missed. Goals and dreams we have remaining are either:

  1. Newer goals, based on shifted priorities
  2. Old, important, tough goals, we don’t want to abandon

Our goals are different. Our desire the same. I simply want the power of a personal example to help you with real life in real time. I had nothing on the 1st 20 pages on Google. You can see the results for yourself – and know there is no theory preached here.

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