Taking risks is like oxygen

Taking risks is like oxygen. You can’t imagine not breathing oxygen. So, you’re the same with risk? You can’t imagine not taking risks? May your answer inspire you. i’m going to do something today that i’ve never done before. In exchange, i’m asking you to do the same. What? i’ve never spoken without slides, it’s a Disney thing. Why? i believe slides can […]

Daily distractions and “Squirrel” are synonymous

Yesterday and this morning: Did you hit the snooze button? Did you get at least an hour of outside sunlight? Sleep late? Exercise? Floss last night? Driven by digital notifications? Wakeup without a plan? Dwell on problems? How much quiet time did you get? Dinner at least three hours before sleep? Good breakfast? Sugar intake? Help […]

What are you afraid of?

Reflections from the longest (timewise) trip ever (Orlando to Vail) a few days ago… What are you afraid of? In life or three days ago? Three days ago. i was afraid i wouldn’t get to the speaking venue by 8am the next day. All told, it took 16 hours from door to door. In life. […]