Why do i still write five daily blogs?

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Yesterday (27th)…and today (28th), one day after another…


Why do i still write five daily blogs?

Good question.

It’s been six and one-half years.

Every. Dang. Day.

Five differently-themed blogs.

  1. mind
  2. body
  3. spirit
  4. money
  5. hq

What if i told you i don’t know why exactly?

Except for this: It’s literally impossible to begin the day without this two-hour morning investment. As the saying goes…”I set out to change the world, when in reality i changed myself.”

Is it a lot of work?


You know what else is a lot of work?

Spending a lifetime wondering about what could have been if we would have applied ourselves more, differently, better.




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Promotion time?

Colorado sunlight hitting CSU campus building at dawn


(Photo: yesterday’s morning run at CSU caught the very first glimpses of sunshine… many of us go years missing a single moment like this… others go only 24 hours)

When we get promoted to being in charge of feeling alive, what happens?

Could it be the revitalization from a long vacation at work?

Could it be the mental rest?

Could it be the years of working every single day at rethinking life, priorities, and our commitment to these?


Final answer.

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This applies to anything anyone does with passion, purpose, and conviction

rare Florida wildflower
Something as insignificant as seeing beauty in the simple everyday things at our feet.


Try to imagine writing every day for five years. What’s going to happen after you’ve written six years, seven years, or even eight-plus years?

Being remarkable doesn’t mean that you are remarkable, it just means that you’ve done something that people remark about – hence remarkable.

This applies to anything anyone does with passion, purpose, and conviction.

And with something as small as attitude.

For example, all each of us has to do to test this theory is be completely positive everyday for five, six, seven, or even eight-plus years.

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Potential 2014 Middle School Yearbook dedication

youth riding bike in central Florida neighborhood
Keep moving forward.


Dear Son, a tree does not grow overnight.

But it does grow.


And some years it grows faster than other years. This has been one of those years for you.

For the past decade we’ve been focused on honesty above any other attribute.

In 2014, we built on that for a total of four key life attributes:

  1. Honesty.
  2. Behave admirably.
  3. Self-control.
  4. Personal responsibility.

You have done well academically, and maybe more importantly, personally.

Be well and remain amazed.

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Can you hear yourself say, I’ve given my life for this

Sitting on the tire of an Indy 500 race car
Life in the fast lane comes with a price


One of the X-Factor contestants said last night in the semifinals, “I’ve given my life for this”.

Dude, can we get an “Amen”?

Who wants to wait until later to start feeling that?

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