Not sure where to start today

Pastor on a Church stage
Day started here, 9:30 AM Service, Pastor Russ. First time in front row since Covid. And, maskless.

After prolific blog writing for 13+ years and 24k+ blog posts, the writer’s flood model continues to be tried and true:

  • What did i learn yesterday?
  • What do i get to do today?
  • What do i hope for tomorrow?
  • Five balanced topics: mind, body, spirit, work, home
  • Photos from yesterday (or any day/year)

Occasionally, there’s so much to say, that short and pithy seem impossible.

Will focus only on yesterday’s bi-annual Homeowner’s association meeting.

The aim is short and pithy insights.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.

Self-reflection harvest

pool water chlorine test kit
Our back porch is my most favorite place to visit in the world. Our front porch is second. Glacier, WDW, and Sanibel are a three-way tie for third favorite place to visit.

The harvest from the past few days’ self-reflection reminds me of several critical personal values and behaviors.

  • Patience – never lose it
  • Anger – never let it happen
  • Hate – never allow room for it in your heart
  • Surrender – habitually discern what’s outside your control
  • Forgiveness – God’s amazing Grace
  • Honesty – never have to look over your shoulder
  • Leadership – you are CEO of You, Inc
  • Role Model – your life is your message

After the writing yesterday’s posts, an aha-moment. The moment is driven by the Lakeside Church service i’m about to walk to.

How do i say something valuable and forward-thinking to Pastor Chuck and Pastor Russ?

Will encounter them both within the next 90 minutes.

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This website is about our MIND. To read today’s post about our BODY, click here.