Married In ’83, Our Honeymoon Wasn’t Until ’84

We only stayed where we could afford.

Our tent along a Wyoming Interstate, driving to Orlando, Florida from Washington State, to lay down roots.

What where your humble beginnings like?

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  1. Jeff,

    For us, it was rural Tennessee, and we met in college. After graduation, we were both school teachers, and we thought we were making a lot of money as school teachers in rural Tennessee. Then we prayed and made a sacrifice – for my wife to quit to have our first child and to stay at home with him. That’s when we realized that a teacher’s salary wasn’t enough to pay the bills for a family. So I took a training position in the Atlanta area, where we have been for 11 years. My boys never knew what it was like living in rural Tennessee, as my older son was not even 2 when we moved and the younger was born in Georgia. But all our family is back in Tennessee, so they get to go back often.


  2. Bob, thank you for sharing that glimpse of your past. So many people come from extraordinarily humble (and poor) beginnings. Seems like a great idea to try and preserve those early years so your children will understand that success, mostly, is toil and sweat and dreams and sacrifice….

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