Midlife habits, repetition, and simplicity oh my

Disney Executive Keynote Speaker


Dave's House Fundraiser in Orlando


Dave's House staff at fundraising event


Disney Executive Keynote Speaker
Lee Cockerell has 25 of the same Give Kids The World tie.


Disney Executive Keynote Speaker


Disney Executive Keynote Speaker


Other than staff and the keynote speaker, guess who was there early?

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  1. Craig, it was so obvious?

    Didn’t go early to talk with Lee. Can do that anytime.

    Went early simply because i could. And knowing there would be opportunities for small adventures in learning.

    You can meet interesting people. Like the co-founders of Dave’s House. The same people that asked Lee to be their keynote speaker. 🙂

  2. I hadn’t heard of it. But you inspired me to look it up. Very cool. And important!

  3. Craig, meeting and talking with Ron and Lin (Dave’s sister) Wilensky was an incredible opportunity.

    And from that early morning exchange, they introduced me to other important people in the Orlando community.

    i knew going early would be beneficial, just didn’t know exactly how. It’s like going on an adventure. 🙂

    PS. Was also one of the very last to leave. 🙂

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