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One of our biggest mistakes

Florida Sand Hill Cranes
Took a minute to chat with these guys after a run, because i had the time, and it was fun.


One of our biggest mistakes is not adding margin to our travel time.

It’s an insidious habit.

It’s one of the main reasons we are unbalanced. We become bankrupt spiritually because we are constantly coming up short – and rushing through the basics of life. The basics sustain us. The basics allow a rhythm and freedom to be more present.

The basics; a spontaneous conversation with a friend at the grocery store, taking a moment to help someone in need – if only to give directions, or simply pausing to watch the clouds for two minutes.

i’ve found that padding extra time into travel time allows for me (anyone) to be more present and to not be in so much of a rush. Life is too short to rush through it all.

Note: i struggle with this every day. That’s why it’s so important.




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Mid Life Crisis Is When...

Mid Life Celebration Einstein

Mid Life Celebration Einstein.  Huh?  Exactly.  Confusing isn’t it? Here’s what I mean by mid life celebration, Einstein.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”. — Albert Einstein

Listen, everyone recognizes Einstein as a genius.  We ought to seriously consider his insight here.

And I think Mid Life adults have the most potential to embrace this and make creative choices, and take creative action, to reverse the mid life crisis and let it morph into a mid life celebration.  Ya with me?

Psssst.  Shhhhhh.  (whispering) Here’s a little secret between you and me.  Most mid life adults will miss virtually every opportunity to hear messages just like this one.  And their mid life crisis never gets to be their mid life celebration.  Bummer.

It's All We Have

Health Is Wealth

“Wealth can’t buy health, but health can buy wealth”.Henry David Thoreau

Interesting.  Why?  Because Thoreau died in 1862, at 44.  Little did he know that all these years later, money can buy health, to a certain extent.  But that’s not the reason this Thoreau quote is important.

It’s important because, in my opinion, health can buy wealth.  My wife’s Grammy, who lived to be 93, would always say, “Health is wealth”.

Grammy died in my arms in 1989.  We had traveled to Allentown, Pennsylvania to visit Family and I was attending our best man’s wedding.

Grammy, in her wisdom, knew firsthand that as we age, we are at the mercy of our bodies.  Our body – the greatest machine ever devised.  Don’t forget to rotate your tires and change the oil at regular intervals.

Everything Is Important

Rich Man?

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to leave alone”.   — Henry David Thoreau

This one is particularly painful for me to read.  Why?  Because more is better.  Right?

I mean, five blogs a day?  Are you kiddin’ me?  Who does that?

Me.  Guilty.  Rut roe.

More is not better, except in a few things.

While visiting the West Coast, maybe there will be time to do less, think less, read less.

Probably not.

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